Karaoke, Sushi, and a Bento Box, Oh My!

karaoke.jpg I recently discovered a great place for sushi and all kinds of great Japanese food at really good prices in Kenmore square. It’s called Maluken. Before you settle for Pizzeria Uno for the third time this month, walk around the corner and step into this little restaurant.

Maluken Japanese restaurant is popular for a variety of reasons. The atmosphere is authentic with Japanese decor and waitresses sporting kimonos. The fare includes a large sushi menu and other items. Maluken makes some great Japanese food including tempura (vegetables and shrimp lightly battered and deep fried), teriyaki (broiled seafood and meat with teriyaki sauce), and agemono (deep fried breaded meat or seafood with sauce).

maluken-kenmore.jpgWhen I went to Maluken, I got the tempura box special. I could barely finish it all because it came with so many things. It included soup, salad, rice, dumplings, and california roll sushi. Even better, my whole meal was only $8.95. I even got some melon and fruit for dessert.

I am definitely going to be going back to Maluken soon. For my next visit I plan on trying their sushi because the sampling that I had was really good. Now that I’m 21, I might also take advantage of the beer, wine and sake that they offer. The big attraction after 9 pm is the karaoke, which I probably won’t be apart of.

So, if you want to try something different and you’re in Kenmore Square, stop over at Maluken for some sushi, a bento, and some bad singing.

Be sure to check their website for more information, directions, and a full menu.


3 Responses to “Karaoke, Sushi, and a Bento Box, Oh My!”

  1. Hello nice to meet you.
    KO-N-NI-CHI-WA (^_^)v
    I am Japanese.
    I saw your wonderful site.
    Please link to this site !

  2. i like to always sing on karaoke bars because it is very exciting to sing in front of many people `

  3. me and my girlfriend would always frequent karaoke bars because we love to sing ‘*.

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